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If you’ve ever needed to download video that’s distributed in a Flash application, you may have encountered a scenario where the video is being streamed via RTMP instead of progressively downloaded over HTTP. Luckily, there’s application called rtmpdump which, as its name suggests, is able to dump an RTMP stream... Read more »

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Pieter Michels’ Flash bridge for Facebook Connect that allows you to access Facebook Connect services from within a Flash application. This week, Adobe and Facebook decided to release an official version of an AS3 Facebook API, so now there’s an officially supported, feature... Read more »

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It’s a common problem we’ve all faced. Sometimes 140 just isn’t enough. What do you do when your carefully crafted Tweet is too profound to fit in the infernal 140 character limit? What if nothing short of 141 characters will do? You upgrade your browser to enable advanced Twitter compression,... Read more »

If you’ve been curious about Hadoop, the open source cloud computing software, there’s a really great set of introductory lectures being provided by Cloudera. In addition to building and supporting Hadoop clusters for commercial applications, the Cloudera folks have also been providing a wealth of information on installing and optimizing... Read more »

As far as downloaded files are concerned, the latest version of OS X seems to have taken a cue or two from Redmond. Eric Meyer figured out a fix for this that will allow you to selectively disable the downloaded file warnings for certain file types. Here’s his take on... Read more »

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Google Blogoscoped posted a chunk of Javascript last week that unlocks a few experimental features in Google Search. The features are being pushed to a trial group, but the Javascript will add a cookie that allows anyone to participate. I just got around to playing with the “Wonder Wheel” search... Read more »

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Jay from thecapacity created this airsoft robot that you can control with a Wiimote. He’s using Construx for the mounting hardware, a webcam for remote sighting, and an IOBridge to control the servos. I’m pretty sure I’d never want this thing in my office, but something similar with a motor... Read more »