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I caught this photo of a rocking bike, taken by Flickr user PavelM, over on Bike Hacks. It appears to be from last year’s design event in Prague called Designblok. This is so much more relevant than a rocking horse, and I’d be in my garage making one for my... Read more »

NES emulator hacker Xkeeper has been working on a Lua script that allows you to manipulate Super Mario Bros. game objects right in the middle of game play: FCEUX is a NES emulator. It has Lua scripting support, and in the latest versions, a feature that allows you to grab... Read more »

Ralf Ackermann sent us a tip on using the Myvu Crystal headset in conjunction with a wearable computer. The Myvu glasses were designed to block out the rest of the world for private iPod video watching, but its VGA resolution and device compatibility makes it pretty suitable for tearing apart.... Read more »

It’s always struck me that font embedding is a huge omission from the web standards toolkit. If you’re not satisfied with Georgia and Verdana, you usually need to turn to images or Flash to get the typeface you want. Tools like sIFR have made this a lot more functional, allowing... Read more »

Sometimes it’s nice to have a secure and familiar OS that you can use from any machine. Puppy Linux is just that: a really lightweight, CD-based Linux distribution, designed for maximum portability. If you’re using a PC, you simply boot and run Puppy Linux from a CD, storing your settings... Read more »

The recent scuttlebutt in the iPhone and iPod Touch developer forums is that there is a buffer overflow bug in the code used to load TIFF images in Safari (libtiff). The letdown is that the stack is not executable on the devices, leading many to think this is a dead... Read more »

FreePOPs is an open source, plugin-based POP proxy that you can run on your local machine. It was originally designed to allow you to use a normal POP email client to read your mail on a multitude of webmail systems. You point your mail client at the FreePOPs server, and... Read more »


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