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I caught this photo of a rocking bike, taken by Flickr user PavelM, over on Bike Hacks. It appears to be from last year’s design event in Prague called Designblok. This is so much more relevant than a rocking horse, and I’d be in my garage making one for my... Read more »

NES emulator hacker Xkeeper has been working on a Lua script that allows you to manipulate Super Mario Bros. game objects right in the middle of game play: FCEUX is a NES emulator. It has Lua scripting support, and in the latest versions, a feature that allows you to grab... Read more »

The recent scuttlebutt in the iPhone and iPod Touch developer forums is that there is a buffer overflow bug in the code used to load TIFF images in Safari (libtiff). The letdown is that the stack is not executable on the devices, leading many to think this is a dead... Read more »

An anonymous reader sent us a few hacks today for the Samsung SGH-i600 phone – Link. This is basically the US Blackjack, except that it’s released in the UK with Orange’s branding and a bit of crippleware. One of the hacks that’s mentioned is using GMail with the device, and... Read more »

John Resig posted yesterday about his experiments with creating a full Javascript/DOM pseudo-browser environment that runs from the command line: This weekend I took a big step in upping the ante for JavaScript as a Language. At some point last Friday evening I started coding and didn’t stop until sometime... Read more »

It’s pretty easy to make encrypted disk images and partitions in Linux using the loop-aes-utils (cryptoloop kernel module). This can really come in handy for backing up or storing sensitive content such as your email archive or tax records.Required software You’ll probably need to install aespipe and loop-aes-utils, as they... Read more »

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I was working on a small 3D flash program today and wanted it to read in it’s model data from a file that I created with another program, such as Blender. I’m not sure if it’s the best way to do things, but it was fairly painless to export the... Read more »