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Back in the day, the internet ran on ASCII, and we liked it that way. If you couldn’t find it on a keyboard, why, it just wasn’t a character and that was that. Back before the day, we had Commodore 64s, and while communication could involve all sorts of crazy... Read more »

If you’re a Mac EyeTV user, you can bring your recorded shows into Front Row, commercial-free, with PyeTV and ETVComskip: This plugin allows access to EyeTV from within Front Row on Leopard, adding a EyeTV item to Front Row’s top level menu. The plugin gives access to EyeTV’s recordings (grouped... Read more »

Chris Harrison and Scott E. Hudson of CMU’s Human Computer Interaction Institute developed a technique for simulating a 3D video conferencing experience using standard webcam equipment. Previous research efforts have explored the use of 3D in telecommunication, and show that the additional realism can enrich the video conference experience. However,... Read more »

Tetherbot is a SOCKS proxy for the T-Mobile G1. Using this tool, you should be able to connect your laptop to the internet using your phone’s data connection. It’s not a true routed connection like you might be familiar with with other devices, but browsers like Firefox or Safari can... Read more »

Joergen Geerds sent in his solution to long exposure night photography: the Bracketmeister, an Arduino set up that’s used with a camera’s bulb mode to automate bracketed, long exposure shots. I do bracket all my night photography, for various reasons: for exposure blending, noise reduction, dynamic range extension etc etc.... Read more »

This looks like a handy library for mobile-enabling your next Arduino project: This library implements the Software serial Arduino library to establish a serial connection to a Mobile phone. The methods methods hides the AT+ commands from the user allowing messages to be sent by passing the method on a... Read more »

A russian site recently released a program that allows Canon Liveview owners to record video with their digital camera. Not too long after, Nikon hacker Olivier Giroux posted a few tests of his own that do the same with a Nikon D700. The next day I noticed a wave of... Read more »