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You’ve heard of magnetic orientation in migrating birds, the theorized “sixth” sense that allows them to see the earth’s magnetic field using deposits of magnetite in their beaks. To see what this experience might be like for a human, you can build a north-sensing feedback device into a belt using... Read more »

It’s no surprise that indoor plants help to reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in the buildings they inhabit, but this TED presentation discusses a particular indoor planting strategy that is being used by a business park in New Delhi specifically to improve air quality above industry standards, while also... Read more »

Pure Data is an open source patch programming language, similar to Max/MSP, written by Miller Puckette. It’s a high-level visual programming environment, where you add input and data manipulation objects to a stage and drag connections between them to define how messages are passed through the system when it is... Read more »

I recall being pretty impressed with this augmented reality demo created by Boffswana last November. The basic idea is that you can use a webcam to track the real-world location and rotation of a special printed symbol. With this information, you can overlay a virtual object on top of the... Read more »

If you make a 3D surface plot in Excel 2007, there’s an extra option in the chart properties that allow you to adjust the view angle. Don Sauer noticed that you can use this property to enhance 3D plots by turning them into stereo images. It’s a simple matter of... Read more »

Back in the day, the internet ran on ASCII, and we liked it that way. If you couldn’t find it on a keyboard, why, it just wasn’t a character and that was that. Back before the day, we had Commodore 64s, and while communication could involve all sorts of crazy... Read more »

If you’re a Mac EyeTV user, you can bring your recorded shows into Front Row, commercial-free, with PyeTV and ETVComskip: This plugin allows access to EyeTV from within Front Row on Leopard, adding a EyeTV item to Front Row’s top level menu. The plugin gives access to EyeTV’s recordings (grouped... Read more »


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