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Julie Hudy

Julie Hudy

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CDs don't get as much love as they used to. Breathe new life into one by repurposing an old CD as a fun and easy sun catcher. Read more »


Folding origami paper into thirds can be challenging. When I first started learning origami, I always shied away from ANYTHING that made you fold into thirds. But I don't want anyone to be scared of folding into thirds, so here I show you two different ways to do it. You... Read more »


Have fun making this really cute modular wreath origami design, by Mette Pederson. Read more »


Did you ever fold those "cootie catchers" when you were in school? This Origami Spike Ball is kind of like a bunch of those, all stuck together and looking much more handsome. Here are instructions to make your own! Read more »


Make the origami Eiffel Star designed by Hans-Werner Guth. Read more »


Fold an origami star and make it into a wonderful greeting card. Read more »


Make a rose out of that universal material: duck tape. Read more »