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Justin Leto

Justin Leto

Justin is the Co-Founder and CFO of Nova Labs, a nonprofit makerspace and community innovation lab located in Reston, VA. He can be reached at jleto [at] nova-labs [dot] org and on twitter @letojj.

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GREENBELT, MD — On September 7, 2014, the Nova Labs Rocketry Group had its first launch at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Visitor Center. Led by member Samer Najia, the outing featured 20 rockets, many designed by kids at Nova Labs. Designs were also printed from 3D models of real... Read more »


What better way to kick off MAKE's recent call for spy tech than Northern Virginia's (NoVa) Mini Maker Faire pre-party at The International Spy Museum? Read more »

TJ Johnson flying an early prototype of Pocket Drone.

How do you create the most successful crowdfunded drone campaign ever? Ask the maker, Pocket Drone's T.J. Johnson. Read more »


The Drone Social Innovation Award aims to spur innovation, investment, and to bring attention to the positive role that civilian drone technology can play in society. Read more »


About 50 drone enthusiasts from the DC Area Drone User Group swarmed Nova Labs this past Sunday for an all day build and fly session. Here's a montage of the event. Read more »


Wildlife conservation in South Africa encompasses two main realms, the government-run national parks service and private game reserves. Both require strong counter poaching programs to protect their animals but only government-owned parks can legally fly UAVs without special exception. To investigate the difference, we ventured nearly 1500km south from Kruger... Read more »


This is the seventh in a series of posts reporting on the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge fact-finding mission to South Africa. The passing of Nelson Mandela weighs heavily on us and we thought it fitting to highlight his lifelong commitment to wildlife conservation. Read more »


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