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Bay Area Maker Education Day. (Gregory Hayes/MAKE)

It's Maker Faire weekend! Check out this round-up of some of the kid-friendly performances, exhibits, and activities taking place Saturday and Sunday at the San Mateo Event Center. Read more »

One of Maker Faire's newest Blacksmith Sponsors is HAXLR8R, a hardware startup incubator based of both San Francisco and Shenzhen, China. Now in its second year, HAXLR8R takes promising startups to China to jumpstart their innovative hardware companies. HAXLR8R's latest batch of startups and the incubator itself (currently accepting applications... Read more »

Amanda Williams and Bruno Nadeau of Fabule Fabrications want to introduce you to Clyde at this year's Maker Faire Bay Area. Clyde is a hackable, customizable desk lamp designed for both utility and creative expressiveness. He is hopefully the first in a line of objects for everyday life that are... Read more »

In 2010, Natalie and her family made the 10 hour drive from San Diego the Maker Faire Bay Area. They were so excited by what they saw at the Faire that, during the long drive home, they decided they needed to be part of it next year, and that's how... Read more »

Gabriel with Anacleto (left) and Gabriel's dino illustrations (right)

The Maker Faire Bay Area brings in Makers from around the world, like 15 year-old Gabriel Diaz Yanten, who is coming all the way from Chile along with his animatronic dinosaur puppet, Anacleto. Anacelto is a 12.8 feet tall and 8.2 feet long T-Rex that Gabriel designed and built with... Read more »


Three weeks until Maker Faire Bay Area! Who's feeling prepared? Now's a good time to start thinking about all the final details for bringing your awesome project to Maker Faire. Read more »

Contraptions by Brian Matthews of Flapping Sprocket

Brian Matthews of Flapping Sprocket creates beautifully intricate machinery, wings, and other contraptions in his Los Angeles studio. For the second year running, he will be at the Maker Faire Bay Area as a mobile exhibit, roaming the Faire with his hand puppet Francis, a metal marvel finely articulated enough... Read more »