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Put a bird on it? Or ... Make it a bird! I've been having a lot of fun today looking through the portfolio of Spanish artist Valero Doval, whose Aerofauna make my imagination take flight. Read more »

In high school I used to steal large sheets of grid paper from the drafting room flat files and spend hours, if not weeks, meticulously coloring in each square with a seemingly random selection of colors. It was like therapy. So you can imagine my delight when this turned up... Read more »

Many moons ago I found the above image in a Tumblr feed without any luck of locating the artist. Finally, Lovely Textiles has the answer: London artist Shane Waltener! This piece, Auntie Peggy Has Departed, is a great example of his body of work, utilizing lace doilies and audio as... Read more »

For a mere $2,607 you too could be a walking work of couture art with … yes, this happened … The Urinal Dress, inspired by Duchamp’s famous 1917 readymade, Fountain. London designer Philip Colbert created the dress as part of his Venus in Sequins collection, which also includes inspiration from... Read more »

Here’s a beautiful look into the artistic life and creative process of so-called avant cellist, Zoë Keating. This is my favorite interview of Intel’s Visual Life series, a surprisingly wonderful campaign for a corporate entity. I encourage you to check out the other videos. When people say, “What do you... Read more »

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I’ve been into tiny houses for years now (after all, I live in a bus). But when I saw Christian Schallert‘s remodeled Barcelona pigeon loft, my mouth hit the floor. Driven by practicality, but without compromising on aesthetics, these 258 square feet have all the creature comforts of a larger... Read more »

Gone are the glory days of elaborate, angled neon blazing in the desert. But thanks to The Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas, visitors can experience some of Sin City’s retired retro glitz, up close and personal. The 2 acre Boneyard boasts over 150 donated and rescued signs, ranging in... Read more »