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Keith Hammond

Keith Hammond

I'm projects editor of MAKE magazine.

Latest from Keith Hammond

Can you tell if this gear is metric or Imperial?

It's fun to salvage gears from old machines for new projects — but how can you tell if they're metric or Imperial? Read more »


Kids do love them some robots, even the littlest kids. So I'm shopping for robots this year and the Shed's got 'em — check out these four super easy kits suitable for kids younger than 10. Read more »


Call for help with this emergency GSM cellie, with or without your SIM card. Read more »


A handy toy for inspecting your leaky submarine or snorkeling with the kids. Read more »


When your shoes can tell the Internet where they are and what they're doing, personal privacy is on strange new ground. Keeping your personal data out of the wrong hands is shaping up to be an epic struggle. Limor Fried and Phil Torrone at Adafruit Industries say the answer is... Read more »

Autodesk’s 123D Catch is great for making 3D scans from digital photos — miraculous, really — but it’s a cloud-based freebie that comes with constraints. You can upload only a limited number of photos, and your 3D mesh will come back at a maximum resolution that may not be all... Read more »

Anna Kaziunas France updates the team on the testing protocol.

This weekend 21 new 3D printers are showing their stuff in MAKE's second annual 3D Printer Shootout. So who’s going to buy these things, anyway? Read more »