Keith Hammond

Keith Hammond

I'm projects editor of MAKE magazine.

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Thousands of kids are engineering their own toys and science projects — and learning how they work — thanks to Howtoons. Created by comic artist Nick Dragotta, toy designer Ingrid Dragotta, inventor-polymath Saul Griffith (a MacArthur Fellow and former Make: columnist), and self-described “big kid” Joost Bonsen, Howtoons are instructional comics... Read more »

snapshot rack 3

This weekend in sunny Kent, England, it’s an epic battle of traditional cider pressing versus modern juicing machines. Muscle versus motor. “Slow food” versus labor-saving device. Who’ll make the most cider? The best cider? Only one way to find out. Read more »


The "luke" arm has finally been approved for sale to the public. Read more »

Can you tell if this gear is metric or Imperial?

It's fun to salvage gears from old machines for new projects — but how can you tell if they're metric or Imperial? Read more »


Kids do love them some robots, even the littlest kids. So I'm shopping for robots this year and the Shed's got 'em — check out these four super easy kits suitable for kids younger than 10. Read more »


Call for help with this emergency GSM cellie, with or without your SIM card. Read more »


A handy toy for inspecting your leaky submarine or snorkeling with the kids. Read more »