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Keith Hammond

I'm projects editor of MAKE magazine.

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Chicago artist and 3D raconteur Tom Burtonwood is showing off his latest project — a 3D-printed book of six sculptural reliefs produced using 123D Catch, including an awesome colossal Olmec head from ancient Mexico, a medieval Chinese ogre and Bodhisattva, and a Roman emperor. It's a great demo of how... Read more »


Autodesk’s 123D Catch is great for making 3D scans from digital photos — miraculous, really — but it’s a cloud-based freebie that comes with constraints. You can upload only a limited number of photos, and your 3D mesh will come back at a maximum resolution that may not be all... Read more »

Anna Kaziunas France updates the team on the testing protocol.

This weekend 21 new 3D printers are showing their stuff in MAKE's second annual 3D Printer Shootout. So who’s going to buy these things, anyway? Read more »

C-1 gyroscopically stabilized motorcycle

Here’s a potential game-changer: a two-wheeled, in-line motorcycle that won’t tip over, even if you try to knock it down. The team at Lit Motors envisions a world where nobody’s afraid to ride motorcycles because they’re as safe and intuitive as climbing into a car. At Maker Faire they’re showing... Read more »

TINY ION: Replicate 
the basics of an ion propulsion engine using a piece of wire, the cap from a D battery, and 
a power source.

To get to Mars, we’ll use the same technology as Darth Vader’s TIE fighter — the ion propulsion engine. It uses electricity to produce a stream of charged ions exiting 10 times faster than chemical rocket exhaust. Read more »

Image (6) ChemLab-6.jpg for post 59564

Photography courtesy of Chemical Heritage Foundation (top left, bottom right); by Dustin Fenstermacher (top right, bottom left). Why old chemistry sets were better — and how to make your own today. It’s true: chemistry sets today don’t measure up to the classic kits that once scorched Formica kitchen tables across... Read more »


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