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Make your own tree bling from fallen branches. Read more »

Too often we’re left with mountains of little balls of sock yarn. Here’s a nice and easy way to use up those leftovers bits. You can use one of two methods: 1. If you have two colors you want to use up, use one color for the cuff, heel flap,... Read more »

Shortly after I learned how to knit I read about how one could recycle a sweater for the yarn. Sweet! “Cheap yarn,” I thought! I went to the Salvation Army and picked out a sweater I thought would be good for recycling. Huge, an XXXL, and 100% cotton. It was... Read more »

A common problem when working from the stash, is having only a small amount of each type of fiber left. How can you successfully combine cotton and wool in the same project? How can you combine acrylic with silk? Should you? Would you? Could you dare? (Yes, I totally stole... Read more »

One of the things that many experienced yarnies take for granted is how to know what hook or needles to use for the yarn you have. This is especially important if you are making up your own project as you go along or if you are altering a pattern you... Read more »

Crewel is a great way to use those last bits, and to me it's a family tradition. Going back to my great grandma we have all preferred Crewel embroidery. I'm not sure what it is, maybe the thrifty nature of using up leftovers, the soft texture, or just that it... Read more »

There times we need are fingers, say when we're turning compost piles, taking pictures, or drawing sketches of squirrels running around the warmed up soil. These fingerless gloves are really fun to work up because they're simple, cute, and really quick. Read more »