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How I built a crazy percussion robot with simple solenoids and a MIDIWidget Read more »

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Pendulums are often meditative, but this double pendulum with attached LEDs spins in crazy unpredictable and highly entertaining ways. Read more »

blue jay on feeder

Birds make lousy subjects for digital photographs. But you can perfect shot, thanks to a long shutter-release cable and a gadget that typically controls model vehicles: an R/C radio. Read more »

Photography by Larry Cotton.

Lots of folks think that quaffing a cup of coffee from boutique beans comes close to nirvana, but roasting your own beans will bring you even closer. That’s why I call this roaster the Nirvana Machine. I didn’t drink coffee for most of my life, and I even survived without... Read more »

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Three cordless screwdrivers and a microcontroller = perfect small batch coffee roasting. Read more »


First-time Bondo'er? Start with these tips for mixing, preparing surfaces, and finishing. Read more »


Body filler is a thick, two-part polyester resin, commonly called Bondo. Cursory Googling reveals a universe of mostly automotive applications, primarily for repairing body damage, but we’ll leave that to the experts and show you a few creative uses for this versatile stuff. Read more »