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green glass speaker looks like a daffodil crossed with a gramophone amplifier

With his impressive Ohm Sound installation, glass artist Shawn Ayerst has both audio and visual stimulation down pat. Read more »

helicaster rc guitar

San Francisco musician Michael Gaughan builds crazy guitars to play on tour with his metal/punk/rock band. Read more »

Brothers Michael and Kenny Ham have a goal: to create cheap electric vehicles that get people interested in renewable energy. In 2009, they built Three-Wheeled Electric Alternative by KinAestheticWind (TWEAK), a solar-powered three-wheeler. Read more »

Fred Abels has a fascination with wheels. So, together with friend Maik ter Veer, Abels created the Dicyclet — not only a monster of a vehicle, but also a dream come true. Read more »

Rather than sink money into filling in or restoring their run-down swimming pool, Dennis and Danielle McClung transformed it into a desert greenhouse. Read more »

Retired mechanical contractor Bill McHugh has spent more than 40 years creating fun kinetic sculptures that run on air, sun, water, birds, and most typically, squirrels. Read more »