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Ted Wojcik is no stranger to bicycles — the 63-year-old former Navy aviation machinist is a legend in the cycling community for his custom hand-built frames — but he never anticipated being in the lawn care business. That’s all changed with the Mow-Ped, a pedal-powered lawn mower that’s since catapulted... Read more »


Waste to Work is a project that explores sweat as a catalyst for energy. Read more »


Firefly 1440 is an LED display of dancing light patterns based on the wind's force, timing, and direction. Read more »


Austrian-born artist Gordan Savicic's fetish-inspired piece, Constraint City, explores the realm between public and private space. Read more »


Axolotl was inspired by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar’s short story of a man’s emotional obsession with aquarium life. Read more »


With help from artist Marisa Jahn and Steve Shada max-level World of Warcraft player Cati Vaucelle created the closet-sized WoW Pod. Read more »


Inspired by post-Katrina New Orleans, New Yorker Paul Villinski created Emergency Response Studio (ERS), a FEMA-style trailer transformed into a fully functional, sustainably built mobile artist studio. Read more »