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sample parts

Plastics are not just ubiquitous, but extremely versatile: some of them are incredibly stretchy, while some are hard as nails; some are crystal clear, and others come in all colors of the rainbow; some can survive extreme temperatures, and yet others can stop a bullet mid-flight. Michal Zalewski walks us... Read more »


In the previous installment of Prototypes that Last, we investigated several simple, powerful ways of predicting and improving the load limits of the parts you make. That’s pretty cool, but we have conveniently overlooked the fact that the elastic deformation of mechanical components can sometimes become a problem long before... Read more »

Reinforcing Ribs

Translating basic concepts in engineering into surprisingly simple yet powerful parts design tips. Read more »


Affordable and hobbyist-friendly manufacturing tools that convert polygons into physical objects have been available for more than a decade. Although new technologies such as ABS extruders are different in many ways, it’s reasonable to suspect that the prospects of home manufacturing may have relatively little to do with the choice... Read more »