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Len Cullum

Len Cullum

Len Cullum is a woodworker living in Seattle, where he specializes in building Japanese-style garden structures and architectural elements. When not woodworking, he teaches at Pratt Fine Arts Center, writes, and dreams of a robot that would sharpen his chisels.

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Whenever I need a small turned item, I resort to tricking my drill press into thinking it’s a lathe. This method is slower — you abrade the material using sandpaper or files instead of shaving it away with chisels — but with patience you can get good results. Here’s how... Read more »


From regular MAKE contributor Len Cullum, a simple and elegant woodworking project for the picnic basket or the dining table. Make one for yourself or someone special, and learn a new trick while you're at it — how to use a drill press as a lathe for turning small wooden... Read more »


Build this strong wood box with a clever lift-out lid. Read more »

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For our Woodworking Skill Set theme, we asked MAKE contributor Len Cullum to contribute some pieces on understanding basic tools and techniques. Read more »


Constructed using a two by four and a couple of hand tools, low horses are cheap and easy to build. Anything will do, but hardwoods like oak or hickory are best. When choosing your wood, always choose the clearest and straightest lumber available. The most important element is line connecting.... Read more »


When working with wider, thicker slabs of wood, it is not uncommon to have checking (cracks) in the surface, particularly at the ends. While there are a couple of ways of dealing with this, such as filling the gaps with wood or putties or epoxy, I prefer to leave it... Read more »


Use a simple mortise-and-tenon joint to make these fine-looking shop horses that'll last a lifetime. Read more »