Luke Blackburn

Luke Blackburn

I am an entrepreneur, living and working in Santiago, Chile. I am a closet techie and am spending a lot of my free time self learning computer programming. I love writing, playing futbol, solving problems, and helping people achieve the highest version of success that they desire. I share stories and photos at

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Entrance to the Faire

This past weekend, thousands of Chileans descended upon a lovely little park in central Santiago called Parque Quinta Normal. I arrived around 11am on a bright and sunny Saturday morning. I walked through the entry gates of the park and when I saw a huge yellow circus tent in the... Read more »


A few months ago, I applied to a little known, first iteration program, called Exosphere. I quit my job in corporate finance, sold most of my belongings, and decided to venture to Santiago, Chile to experience something that I thought would change my life. To my extreme satisfaction, this program... Read more »