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While my Thanksgiving menu is pretty predictable, the one thing that is really set in stone is Shallots in Red Wine. Based on a recipe in Roger Verge’s Vegetables (possibly my favorite vegetable cookbook), this is a hit with absolutely everyone. The turkey may be the big-budget star the studio... Read more »


April 25th is ANZAC day, which is the Australia and New Zealand equivalent of our Memorial Day. (ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.) ANZAC biscuits are a classic cookie that myth associates with World War I (they’re still getting over Gallipoli, and rightly so). My husband is... Read more »


My sister found out recently that she’s allergic to gluten, so when we went on a family trip recently, I decided to try my hand at making some gluten-free zucchini bread. The recipes I found online were all pretty confusing (mixing flours, xantham gum — I threw up my hands!)... Read more »

For the Designer
Pantone 20th Century in Color
$40 Chronicle Books

This is a gorgeous book, and a must for anyone interested in color and design. Broken down by decade and theme, the book is full of vintage illustrations accompanied by the dominant Pantone colors in each one, as well as an interesting overview of the history. While of course fashions in color change over time, this book makes that elegantly clear. From to the blues of Maxwell Parrish to the five flavors of iMac in the 90s to the bright pop of anime, you'll end up with a much deeper understanding of the aesthetic landscape.

Sometimes all a crafter wants is inspiration, and there's nothing like a good craft book for that. Here are 11 crafty books that are perfect to wrap up as holiday gifts. Read more »


We’ve posted about Chris McVeigh’s LEGO Star Wars ornaments before, but he’s got a new set of gorgeous DIY LEGO ornaments this year. His site includes parts lists for a bunch of different ornaments and holiday-themed builds. He also sells kits, but looks like they’re sold out for this year.... Read more »


Create amazing and unique wrapping paper using rubber stamps Read more »