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I have a bit of a thing for tea towels, and calendars, and, well, tea towel calendars! So Spoonflower’s 2013 Tea Towel Calendar contest is perfect eye candy. I love this blue and white one, but it was hard to choose a favorite. Buy a few fat quarters and you... Read more »


I’m not one for gory Halloween foodstuffs, but I love these DIY Halloween-stamped tortilla chips. Obviously Instructables user wold630 has the same aversion, and found a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween without fake blood! Read more »


Reuse a pair of jeans and a belt to make a cute lunch sack, makeup bag, or art supply holder! Read more »


Mika Aoki makes glass art inspired by mold spores, viruses, plants, life, and death. Read more »


Take a colorfully patterned children's book to make a playful mat for framing. Read more »


I spent Saturday afternoon at San Francisco’s Barrel House, an atmospheric former wine storage facility turned event space. The organizers of TEDx Embarcadero had laid quite a spread for the attendees, and the atmosphere was relaxed but hushed, as befits an autumn weekend gathering. MAKE’s Maker-in-Chief, Sherry Huss, was asking... Read more »


This DIY candy corn backpack would make perfect favors for a Halloween party or just a one-off. Read more »