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You want a design on a T-shirt and you want it now! Read more »

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Indie Spotting made a really sweet illuminated love canvas. Think you can whip this up for tomorrow? Read more »

Growing edible plants on your fence, wall, or balcony is all the rage right now, and for many good reasons. The setup is attractive, the greens and/or herbs are inexpensive and yummy, and the idea is just cool! A friend recently sent me a link to this wonderful take on... Read more »

If you didn’t get a chance to try out laser graffiti, make sure to watch this week’s weekend project and start pulling your resources together to get a laser, computer, projector, and go out and create some awesome light graffiti! – Video Link If you decide to do it, you’ll... Read more »

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Jean-Sébastien Busque launched his own balloon and got pictures!!! Wow, these are great!!! Via email: I love your weekend projects. After I saw your ballon launch I had to try it. So last week I launched a hellium ballon with a video camera, a still camera, gps and a ham... Read more »

mp4 | mov | hd-appletv| 3gp |3g2 | itunes | blip | youtube | pdfThis weekend, watch the video, download the pdf and create a closed system to live on your windowsill! If you have an aquarium, you probably have all the chemicals you need for this. If you have... Read more »