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mp4 | mov | hd-appletv| 3gp |3g2 | itunes | blip | youtube This week, Joe Grand brings his expertise to Weekend Projects for the Awesome Electronics Workshop. You’ll learn how to use LCD and GPS modules and integrate them into your own projects! Both are simple modules that you... Read more »

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AHAB, the high altitude balloon that we launched with 5 cameras attached to it, has remained missing since launch.. It made it to 109,000 feet, but the batteries all died on the way down. Last month Todd, Veronica, and James went looking for it! You can see all their pictures... Read more »

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mp4 | ipod | hd-appletv | 3gp | 3g2 | pdf | itunes This weekend, make Mousey The Junkbot, a cute little light sensing robot that will skitter across your floors like a real mouse! This project was in Make: Volume 2 and was conceived and written by Gareth Branwyn... Read more »

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Every year, Microsoft gets it’s researchers to share what they’ve been thinking about at a little techfest. In the past it’s been a relatively closed event, but this time they invited lots of press and bloggers to come a day early and check it out. Brady and I headed over... Read more »

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I’ve been obsessing about making a drawing robot ever since I saw the article about scribbler robots in the current volume of Make: . Many people have made drawing robots and they have inspired me to want my own or at least give it my best shot. If I am... Read more »

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What’s in Make: 07? Watch this video to see a preview of some of the cool projects and articles in the magazine! For better resolution, you can watch in itunes or download the video [mp4] or watch it small on your cellphone [3gp or 3g2]. Kick the tires and then... Read more »

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I popped down to San Jose last week for the SRL show and ran into my friend Tikva Morowati who is in the ITP program in NYC. She was really enjoying the ISEA/01 symposium. She sent me this great write up of the stuff she liked for all of us... Read more »