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Bre Pettis

Bre Pettis

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Last fall, Sonya Philips knitted on a subway ticket and decided to see what other ordinary objects she could work knitting in to. From milk cartons to fast food containers and even tin foil, she’s worked her delicate stitches into all kinds of objects, some of which are submitted by... Read more »

Back around Halloween, I picked up a kid-sized lab coat at the thrift store while I was searching for a costume for my son. He didn’t end up using it at Halloween, but I’ve been trying to come up with something cool to do with it for him for play... Read more »

Danielle of Thompson Family-Life shares a fantastic find of hers that has my embroidery-loving heart skipping a few beats. The children’s book, Selections From a Garden of Verses, is illustrated with gorgeous hand-stitched images by Virginia Tiffany. Danielle writes: The obvious amount of time, work and thought that was put... Read more »

Here’s another reason I love Twitter. Recently, SisterDiane tweeted the following: You didn’t miss @planetjune’s incredible punchneedle embroidery globe, did you? Well, sadly, I had missed it, but thanks to Diane’s tweet, I was able to check it out and read up on June’s work-in-progress posts about the project. She’s... Read more »

This fantastic paper sculpture by Lynne Dhenson of the fight scene from Inception is even more impressive when you learn what her self-imposed “rules” of paper cutting are. It’s all one continuous piece of paper (in fact, aside from several sections taken out of the base no paper has been... Read more »

This year’s holiday virtual greeting card from Chronicle Books was a really fun, stop motion video starring several of the marketing staff members. Shot by Thayer Gowdy and with music from Ben Kasman, the one-minute video is comprised of more than 700 individual shots. One of my favorite parts of... Read more »

Our friends at Design*Sponge are hosting some fab holiday crafting classes this weekend at Brooklyn Flea’s “Gifted” Holiday Market. Along with D*S editor Amy Merrick and Michelle and Katy of Twig Terrariums, we’re hosting holiday DIY events this Saturday and Sunday morning from 10 to 11am! On Saturday the Twig... Read more »


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