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mp4 | ipod | mov | hd-appletv | 3gp | 3g2 | pdf | itunes | youtube Another bit of archived awesomeness from the Weekend Project vault! Make your bike into a single speed hipster bike! This week Dave Neff joins me to take some old broken bikes and mash... Read more »

mp4 | hd-appletv | youtube | blip | pdf The retro Weekend Project-o-thon continues! Joe Grand and Bre Pettis join forces to become the Awesome Electronics Workshop and introduce you to the Arrr-duino! In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of programming and setting up your arduino. Don’t have one... Read more »

mp4 | HD | Blip | Youtube | Subscribe The Weekend Projects Podcast Reruns continue with the Rodent Powered Nightlight! This was a project inspired by the writing of William Gurstelle. I’ve done a lot of his projects and they’re always awesome! Make sure to check out the PDF for... Read more »

Homemade hovercrafts + shuffleboard = shovercraft! mp4 | hd | youtube | blip | itunes | pdf While Bre takes a break, you get to revisit the best of Weekend Projects! Get your motors running, put your safety helmet, ear protection and safety glasses on, steady your fire extinguishers and... Read more »

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While in Berlin, Tim Pritlove, interviewed me for his radio show: Chaosradio Express International. It’s the English-language branch of his German radio show. The 15 English podcasts will make you want to learn German to hear the rest of his German podcasts! We had a great conversation about hacking, education,... Read more »

MP4 | Hi-Def | Blip | Youtube | PDF | Subscribe This weekend, learn how to draw on buildings. Laser Tagging is a non-destructive way of using a laser, video camera, computer and projector to apply graffiti to buildings! It’s a lot of fun! You’ll see the GRL Vienna guys... Read more »

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Photo Credit Justus This week download the Weekend Projects PDF to get all the details for creating graffiti on buildings! PDF Link Read more »