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Bre Pettis

Bre Pettis

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Making Christmas stockings for my family was one of the big reasons I initially wanted to learn how to sew so many years ago. I did, eventually, make stockings for each of us after my first sewing class, but then I realized that I just want to make new ones... Read more »

Claire of Poopscape points us to these eerily beautiful photographs from artist Daniel Del Nero. Del Nero creates small scale cardboard buildings and covers them in flour and mold spores and then photographs the resulting decay. Read more »

Dany Seo shows you how to transform a plain craft store birdhouse into a whimsical decor piece, using a children’s book. It’s a project from his book, Simply Green Parties, and he’s included a video clip from his appearance on The Today Show where he shows how to make several... Read more »

I love following Amelia of Vintage Vivant, not just because she’s a fellow Austinite, but because her gorgeous vintage outfits and beautiful pictures are highly inspiring. Check out her awesome outfit for Halloween night. As has been my tradition since moving to Texas, I painted myself up in Dia de... Read more »

Amy of Early Bird Special has been hard at work on her daughter’s costume this week, and she’s justrevealed the final product. Drawing inspiration from a few different owl costume tutorials, she came up with this adorable, bright and colorful ensemble for her daughter. The mask is fantastic, the wings... Read more »

Don’t let your eyes fool you. What you are looking at is a giant s’more birthday cake from Stacy of The Birthday Blog. She made giant, home-baked graham cracker, a massive slab of chocolate and topped it with a frosted single-layer cake and another graham cracker. So, so awesome. More:... Read more »

Diane Gilleland shares a fun look at her craft table – every messy layer of it. I think we can all identify with her, especially her description of how and why her craft table gets so cluttered. I have a huge problem with putting things away. I love getting them... Read more »


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