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Chris McDonald made this extra-great, 2-axis drawing machine for doing time-lapse photography. Read more »

ipod|mp4|mov|hd-appletv|3gp|3g2|pdf|itunes This weekend on Best of Weekend Projects with Bre Pettis, learn how to hack your brain by making Mitch Altman’s Brain Machine! It flashes LEDs into your eyes and beeps sounds into your ears to make your brain waves sync up into beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves! Mitch... Read more »

mp4|mov|hd|3gp|3g2|itunes This week on Best of Weekend Projects, we look back at part two of the AHAB (High Altitude Balloon Adventure). In this epic Bre & Co. travel to Eastern Washington to launch a GPS and camera enabled balloon into NEAR SPACE! Read more »

mp4 | 3gp |3g2 | iTunes | This week on the best of Weekend Projects with Bre Pettis, we join him in arms and learn how to make a trebuchet. With a trebuchet, you can smash your enemy’s castle or at least fling the heads of enemy spies into... Read more »

mp4 | mov | hd-appletv| 3gp |3g2 | itunes | blip | youtube | pdf This month we continue the best of “Weekend Projects” with Bre Pettis. This particular episode was made to celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of Weekend Projects and features the flames to prove it! If you haven’t... Read more »