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QU-BD Pad-01

QU-BD (pronounced “cubed”) is a recent startup that sells parts for 3D printers. They sent us a few of their silicone heaters to review. The heaters were designed for use in a heated build platform (which is required for warp-free ABS prints) and come in three different-sized square pads of... Read more »


All kinds of makers, artists, designers, and startups are selling an amazing variety of custom-made or customizable objects. Here’s a sampling of what’s out there. Read more »


With the fastest, finest prints of any DIY printer, the Ultimaker rewards the patient tinkerer. Read more »

Felix 3D Printer

Quiet and capable, the Felix is a true DIY printer – bring your toolbox and your patience. Read more »

i3 logo

After a day of setting up for Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford, the MAKE crew visited the i3 Detroit Hackerspace. As we exited our car, we were greeted by Joe Bender and his experimental ham radio antenna, which was clamped onto a wooden coat hanger. He had been... Read more »


Inspired by Arduino design and the iPhone Bumper, I present to you the 3D-printable Arduino Bumper! The Arduino Bumper is a 3D-printed case for Arduino boards that use the Uno form factor. It allows the Arduino to be placed onto a flat conductive surface without running the risk of shorting out... Read more »