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Camcorder rocket

Hack a $30, single-use camcorder to make it reusable, then launch it up in a model rocket and capture thrilling astronaut’s-view footage of high-speed neighborhood escape and re-entry. Read more »

Youtube user correx37 made this homemade knitting machine using old printer parts, two servos and a Picaxe-18x microcontroller. I love the simplicity and re-use of components. That slow, deliberate action could easily lull me in to a deep sleep… and when I woke up, I’d have a freshly-made scarf! See... Read more »

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The latest in robotic vacuum cleaning is the XV-11 from Neato Robotics – and it features a scanning LIDAR laser range-finding module that is ripe for repurposing in other robots. Chris over at Sparkfun lovingly tore in to one and wrote up the results so far – the module has... Read more »

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photo courtesy of greenwithevil I wasn’t able to attend the third birthday party for San Francisco hackerspace Noisebridge, but I think that their meeting notes summarize it well: Concept came from Moxie. Everyone brings $10 and the theme of the party is what to do with the money. Visual computing... Read more »

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Software is a mix of computer instructions and data, but rarely do you get to see how the two interact in memory. Ben Fry visualized the code of several classic video games, giving insight in to the complexity of the code and how the programmer arranged the graphical elements. It’s... Read more »

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Craig Kaplan and Robert Bosch turned the Traveling Salesman Problem – a famous and important problem from computer science – in to a way of rendering halftone images, called TSP Art. The goal of the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is, given a list of cities, to determine the shortest tour... Read more »

Musician and musical robot maker Charlie Williams created this fun art piece with a combination of OpenCV (an open-source computer vision toolkit that provides, among many things, facial recognition) and Processing. more info, including the opportunity to download the code and play with it yourself! Read more »