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Tom Wilksch’s Portable Gliding Simulator offers two improvements over a traditional simulator installed in a fixed location. Built on a trailer base, this can be towed to public events to serve as a recruiting tool – offering a taste of soaring to many more people. And since it folds up... Read more »

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A friend of mine claimed you can make a laser from a gin & tonic, and so I had to find out more. It turns out that not only can you make a very poor laser using ethyl alcohol, you can also make one from Jello! Well, not the actual... Read more »

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When you connect an odd number of digital logic inverters in a ring, you’ll get a Ring Oscillator – one of the simplest types. This configuration has no stable state, so the 1s and 0s chase each other around the ring, creating oscillations. Normally this isn’t easy to visualize, but... Read more »

We’ve covered all sorts of Guitar Hero mods, but none as minimal as this. By using a standard electromyograph attached to the forearm, researchers at Microsoft’s Muscle-Computer Interface group were able to determine the position and pressure of all five fingers. Sure, this might be useful for hands-free interfaces of... Read more »

Deep Green, the pool-playing robot from the Robotics & Computer Vision lab at Queen’s University has been making the rounds on other websites recently. Its robot arm uses a huge gantry to move anywhere over the table, and then a special cue stick tool to hit the ball. It’s hugely... Read more »

Come out to central Denver to meet other makers, tour the Club Workshop public machine shop, discuss project ideas, learn and be inspired. I’ll also be giving a talk on some of my projects (electronics, machining, and carbon fiber), with lots of hands-on props to pass around. Link: Denver Maker’s... Read more »

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Ever since the first TechShop opened in the San Francisco bay area, I’ve been dying for one in Downtown Denver. Well, my dreams have been answered – Club Workshop is a well-equipped public access workshop, where you can craft your projects using their machine tools, rapid prototyping machine, laser engraver/cutter,... Read more »