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Featuring Doe Kelvin, Anthony Rodriguez, Super Awesome Sylvia , Raven Holston-Turner, Nick DeJesus, Joey Hudy, Mark Greenlaw What inspires young people to start Making? Why do they find Making fun and interesting? What do they learn from Making? Mark Greenlaw will interview six young makers from all over the US... Read more »

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Students and parents recognize the value of going to college, yet applying can be a confusing process. The dean of admissions at MIT will and offer advice to students as to how best to prepare for the college experience and application process. Read more »

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World Maker Faire 2012: The Arduino Hour with Massimo Banzi & Alf-Egil Bogen Catch up on the latest news and the story behind Arduino, the popular open-source electronics prototyping platform. Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduinio Project, will share the latest developments in the Arduino open source microcontroller; Alf-Egin Bogen,... Read more »

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As seen at MakerCamp in August, interact with a NASA maker who will explain how he makes, adapts and uses DIY technologies to explore human response such as the Vibrotactile Stimulation device which will be demonstrated. Read more »

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OpenIR (Open Infrared) maps the features and risks revealed by public satellite data. In this panel, learn how OpenIR's automated systems for viewing and understanding satellite data can be used with DIY environmental sensor systems. Read more »

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NYCEDC will announce a program that challenges New York Cit's many hackers, makers and technologists to take their product ideas to the next level. Read more »

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World Maker Faire 2012: Mason Peck, "Working with NASA on Innovative Space Technology" NASA's Chief Technologist will describe how NASA is engaging communities involved in developing the killer apps for space that may determine the future of commercial space. Read more »