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Building Local Maker Community Around the Globe Panel Featuring Sabrina Merlo, Luis Rodriguez, Mark Mathias, Shannon Hoover Find out about MAKE's Mini Maker Faire program and how you can make a Maker Faire where you live. Program Director Sabrina Merlo will talk how the program works, and representatives from Mini... Read more »

Join Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler for a primer on how to bring your Kickstarter project to life. We'll look at some successful projects and learn what kind of rewards work best, how to spread the word, and other helpful tips. Read more »

World Maker Fair 2012: John Long, "Darwin's Devices: Evolving Robots to Study Animal Evolution" To understand organic evolution, we evolve biorobots. Our biorobots are fully autonomous mimics of ancient fish-like vertebrates. We subject them to the same selection pressures that may have occurred 500 million years ago. Read more »

World Maker Faire 2012: David Pogue, "Should Science Be Allowed to be Interesting" One Man's Insane Journey through a TV Career on PBS In this lavishly photographed, highly hilarious talk, Pogue will share the experience of a lifetime--and opine on the state of science, television, and humor in America. Read more »

Present and Future Applications at Work, Home and School Featuring Marc de Vinck, Liz Arum, Brian Jepson, Duann Scott, Chris Connors Learn what educators, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs are creating with 3D printing technology. This once high-end piece of equipment has now become commonplace in the maker-labs around the world.... Read more »

Featuring Doe Kelvin, Anthony Rodriguez, Super Awesome Sylvia , Raven Holston-Turner, Nick DeJesus, Joey Hudy, Mark Greenlaw What inspires young people to start Making? Why do they find Making fun and interesting? What do they learn from Making? Mark Greenlaw will interview six young makers from all over the US... Read more »

World Maker Faire 2012: John Robb,"Building Resilient Communities" Do you live in a Resilient Community? A resilient community produces the food, energy, water, things, and incomes it needs locally. If you don't live in one, build one. I'll tell you how. Read more »


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