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Crowdfunding is a new social ritual that enables the public to support projects in the Maker space. Designed for project leaders looking to leverage crowdfunding for a Maker project, this talk will use real life case studies to teach how to maximize success with this new funding model. Read more »

The RepRap 3D printer is unique. Development happens without planning. Project has core developers such as myself, but what's built is decided only by evolutionary principles. This gave birth to many crazy project breeds. Read more »

World Maker Faire 2012: Chris Anderson & Bre Pettis "From Maker Movement to New Industrial Revolution" How big can the Maker Movement get? Can it really restart a manufacturing renaissance in America? Will desktop fabrication have as much impact as desktop computing did? Bre Pettis (MakerBot) and Chris Anderson (Wired/3D... Read more »

World Maker Faire 2012: Chris Anderson, "Drones!" Why should the military have all the cool stuff? The age of the personal drone has arrived, and you can make one yourself. Chris Anderson (DIY Drones/Wired) shows the latest in multicopters, robot planes and flying AI. Read more »

World Maker Faire 2012: Catarina Mota & Dustyn Roberts, "The State of Open Source Hardware" From the co-chairs of the 2012 Open Hardware Summit: an overview of the defining events of the last 10 years to draw a snapshot of the current state of the open source hardware movement and... Read more »

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record Eben Upton's Raspberry Pi presentation. However, we were able to capture his chat with the Google+ hangout on air participants after his talk. Read more »

How places and behaviors affect Open Design process? From Doha to Havana, to understand the role of locality in the Open movement development. Different problems, needs and background, same creative and sharable solutions. Read more »


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