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World Maker Faire 2012: Mason Peck, "Working with NASA on Innovative Space Technology" NASA's Chief Technologist will describe how NASA is engaging communities involved in developing the killer apps for space that may determine the future of commercial space. Read more »

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World Maker Faire 2012: Seth Godin, "Art and Science and Making Things" The industrialist mindset of productivity and predictable perfection has infected all elements of our lives, from school to science. Once you see it, you'll understand how it pushes us to avoid the hard work of doing truly interesting... Read more »

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Present and Future Applications at Work, Home and School Featuring Marc de Vinck, Liz Arum, Brian Jepson, Duann Scott, Chris Connors Learn what educators, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs are creating with 3D printing technology. This once high-end piece of equipment has now become commonplace in the maker-labs around the world.... Read more »

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World Maker Faire 2012: Alton & Carrie Barron, "Making Things Makes Us Better" Making things is good for our minds, moods, earning potential, and our economy. Purposeful hand use breeds contentment, enhances cognition and alters brain chemistry. Renewed prosperity will come through creativity and manufacturing our own goods. Read more »

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Smart materials are an important component of the future of manufacturing and tech crafts. This presentation will go over some examples of smart materials, the issues we currently face, and the next steps in making smart materials more accessible to all. Read more »

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World Maker Faire 2012: Catarina Mota & Dustyn Roberts, "The State of Open Source Hardware" From the co-chairs of the 2012 Open Hardware Summit: an overview of the defining events of the last 10 years to draw a snapshot of the current state of the open source hardware movement and... Read more »

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World Maker Faire 2012: Chris Anderson & Bre Pettis "From Maker Movement to New Industrial Revolution" How big can the Maker Movement get? Can it really restart a manufacturing renaissance in America? Will desktop fabrication have as much impact as desktop computing did? Bre Pettis (MakerBot) and Chris Anderson (Wired/3D... Read more »