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Another Make: television-produced video highlights an invention called HeatSource. Using paraffin wax stored in plastic chambers to store heat, HeatSource was created by students for the MIT IDEAS competition. Read more »

A group of MIT students set out to invent a Braille labeler for the MIT IDEAS Competition. Along the way they seemed to grasp a few cornerstones of invention: learning from failures, knowing your customer base and pursuing your ideas. Read more »

This group of students came together as a part of MIT’s IDEAS competition. They decided to solve a problem that arose out of one team member’s childhood experience in Nigeria carrying water. They brainstormed several ideas and wound up with design that looks simple and effective. Read more »

The next Make: television video highlights an InvenTeam from the Garfield-Palouse High School in Palouse, Washington. They found a need to adapt large-scale agriculture equipment for different ability levels. With the help of some skilled engineering mentors and a lot of hard work on their part, they created a simple,... Read more »

Last June, the folks from Make: television teamed up with the Lemelson-MIT Program to capture stories from young inventors at the 2009 Eurekafest. We wanted to find out what inspires young people to invent, what the invention process taught them, and what problems they were trying to solve in the... Read more »

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Make: television had a blast shooting this past week at Eurekafest, the Lemelson-MIT Program’s celebration of invention. We were there to capture the spirit behind inventing and talk to high school and college students about their experiences as inventors. Groups from all over the country came to participate in a... Read more »

Checkout Create TV this Saturday, June 20 for an all-day marathon of Make: episodes. Starting at 6am and going until midnight you can see every episode of Make: in HD. We don’t actually recommend watching that much TV, hopefully you head out of the living room and into the garage... Read more »