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With the DTV transition upon us, there couldn’t be a better time to pick up some coat hangers and some wood and make yourself a kickin’ DTV antenna as featured on Make: television. Of course, you’ll still need a digital converter box, but here’s a simple, low-cost project that can... Read more »

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In addition to the hundreds of talented makers at this weekend’s Maker Faire, Make: television will be live, featuring… The Make: television Stage Meet the makers who appear on the first season, as well as presentations and discussions from MAKE authors and bloggers. All day, Saturday and Sunday, in Expo... Read more »

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Remember to bring your USB drives and step right up to get your own copies of Make: television through a completely custom-built media dispenser. In classic Maker Faire style, Jared and his fellow makers are still building it down to the wire. Huge thanks to Jared Boone of ShareBrained Technology... Read more »

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Make: television and ShareBrained Technology and are excited to feature the Make: television Vending Machine at Maker Faire, May 30 and 31. Bring your USB drive (over 512mb) and download episodes Make: television using a handmade custom user interface. Jared Boone of ShareBrained Technology along with fellow makers at Dorkbot... Read more »

Here’s another chance to see Make: television – Episode 10 Visit SparkLab founder and designer Syuzi Pakhchyan, a maker who explores the new frontier of high tech and fashion with her space age handiwork. In the Workshop, John Park shows us how to build a guitar out of a piece... Read more »

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Create TV is a cable and satellite channel featuring cooking, arts & crafts, gardening, home improvement, and travel. We’re proud that Make: is now among a long list of popular shows like America’s Test Kitchen, Ask This Old House, and Globe Trekker. For those of you don’t have access to... Read more »

Meet CCRMA, a group of musical makers who stretch the sonic boundaries by turning personal computers into an electronic symphony. In the Workshop, John Park hacks a Wii controller and turns it into a personal flight recorder that can measure the G forces of roller coasters and other high-speed activities.... Read more »