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Update: “We have some good news (finally). Brian (my co-conspirator) has had some success on writing USB drive auto-detection software. He’s working on the copy-phase stuff next, and also integrating his work into the small computer we’ll stuff inside the box. I’ve succeeded at rewiring my failed circuit board to... Read more »

We journey upstream with environmentalist Dan McCormick, a maker who crafts intricate watershed sculptures out of woven willow. In the Workshop, John Park shows how to build lively and inexpensive miniature robots. Mister Jalopy reveals the hidden treasures of his “Compact Childhood Museum.” The Maker Channel segment features French fries... Read more »

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Cy Tymony, a featured maker on Make: television, had a great interview with Ira Flatow on Science Friday last week. For you educators, how do you use projects like these? Does this fulfill a niche in your curriculum? What gaps are present that could be filled by future Make: television... Read more »

Here’s another look at Episode 7 of Make: television. Individual segments after the jump. Bike along with Ali Momeni and his fleet of mobile video projectors that transform public spaces into massive sound and light shows. In the Workshop, John Park combines a used treadmill motor and PVC pipe to... Read more »

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Apologies for the terrible photo, it was packed! Great job to everyone who gave presentations at tonight’s Ignite Minneapolis event. There were some insightful, funny, and useful presentations, but huge kudos to Make: television‘s very own Bill Gurstelle who kicked off the night with an energetic manifesto on the “art... Read more »

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For those of you in the Bay Area who are looking for an interesting mix of science and art, check out the 2nd Annual Science & Art Appreciation Night at the Chabot Space and Science Center this Friday, April 24 from 7pm – 11pm (link). They’ll have some cool exhibits... Read more »

A look back on Episode 6 of Make: television. Individual segments after the jump. Enter the plugged-in world of Tim Kaiser, a maker who fashions experimental musical instruments from scavenged objects. In the Workshop John Park assembles a portable trebuchet from plastic plumbing pipe, and circuit bender Bianca Pettis demystifies... Read more »