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Making things with wire looks simple, but it can be challenging. Pick up a few wire-bending tricks, though, and you can sketch in 3 dimensions and make anything from a tiny, delicate figurine to a large, mechanical sculpture with moving parts. Like sketching with a pen on paper, there’s no... Read more »


Last year we ran a cool CoasterBot build project and contest on MAKE. We had dozens of awesome entries, from the most basic to the quite elaborate. This Make: Project shows you how to make just about the simplest CoasterBot imaginable. From here you can add new sensors and features... Read more »

Basic Boolean operations illustrated in Tinkercad. From back to front: union, two possible diferences, and intersection of concentric cube and sphere.

An overview of the CAD, CAM, and client software you need. Read more »

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Japanese YouTube user denha compiled this chronicle of marble machines that they have made over the last four years. Read more »

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Here's a beautiful video detailing designers Marc Newson’s process for making an hourglass. A huge cylinder of glass is placed on what appears to be a special lathe, and is then spun while heating to create the hourglass shape. Finally, metal beads are added until they take the appropriate amount... Read more »

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The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club built this Vibratron instrument as part of their ambitious RobOrchestra project. It looks awesome! I hope they go on tour soon. You can check out their website for more details, and some video demonstrations of the mechanisms involved on their YouTube channel. [via I Heart... Read more »