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Nikolaus Gradwohl wrote in to share his little pictureframe project, which turns an old LCD picture frame into a fun animation piece: I found a cheap digital picture frame at a local electronics store a while ago and searched a project for it. So i installed 60 jpegs with eyes... Read more »

If you’ve ever cracked into a nice hardboiled egg in the morning and wondered about the nutrition content, then you might want to check out this egg nutrition label. Designed by Thingiverse user dnewman and printed on an EggBot art robot, it should provide all of the nutrition info that... Read more »

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Ryan Micallef and friends put together a backyard luge challenge that they call the Mario Cup, but were having trouble making accurate measurements of participant’s tract times. Fortunately, they are also hackers, so they threw together an automatic race timing system to help make precise measurements. Their system consists of... Read more »

Rick Borovoy of MIT Media Lab’s Civic Media Project developed the Junkyard Jumbotron, which makes it easy to turn a bunch of small computer displays into one big one. Setting it up is as simple as opening a web browser on each device, loading their website, and taking a photo... Read more »

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Members of the Manchester, UK hakcerspace HAC:Manchester used a projector, an Arduino, and some rotary encoders to build this giant project-a-sketch. Here’s a video of it in use by Maria of [via Hackerspaces Soup] More: Sketch3D, the 3D Etch A Sketch Print Your Own CNC Etch-A-Sketch Gears Mouse-A-Sketch Toys... Read more »

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The fine hackers at MetaLab in Vienna put together this Alert the internets box, which lets you effortlessly share a project with the world. All you have to do is record some footage on the camera and then stick it on the dock, and an automated script downloads the video... Read more »

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Like making circuit boards, but don’t like all of the toxic chemicals that you have to use to do it? You might want to take a look at Stephen Hobley’s directions, then. He’s claiming to be able to etch boards using only diluted hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and a bit of... Read more »