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Matt Mets

Matt Mets

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Inspired by the most useless machine, Karel decided to make a clone using LEGO and some switches. Read more »

Hans Ruber designed the virtual dog Miku for an installation, then set it up for his cat to play with. Read more »

MAKE editor and master crafter Becky Stern designed and fabricated this rad ASCII Heart necklace using Sterling silver. She originally only made one for herself, but is now offering them for sale through her Etsy shop. It could be a great Valentines day gift for that special geeky someone! Read more »

The latest crop of high-end DSLR cameras are capable of shooting beautiful video, however they can be difficult to use because they cannot autofocus while in movie mode. Read more »

My friend Aaron decided to make an LCD photo frame for his husband, and it came out beautifully! Read more »

Here's an older project by Micah Dowty, that I just found out about: a homebrew soft circuit RFID tag. Not content to just make a homebrew RFID reader using a Propeller microcontroller, he proceeded to design an RFID tag using only an ATtiny85 microcontroller and an inductor, and built an... Read more »

Josh from imsolidstate built this circuit to answer the age old question, how much electric current does a truck really use? Read more »


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