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Banish idle hands from your home or classroom with some awesome new robotics kits for Makers-in-training.  Whether youngsters are interested in solar energy, programming with Arduino, or beginning electronics, The Maker Shed has kits to entertain and educate.  Rainy day blues are no match for a compelling new hobby! Consider Sphero... Read more »


If you've done enough making, you'll know that being a do-it-yourselfer can create quite a ruckus at times, intentional or not! We in the Maker Shed love our group of rowdy new products, which range from melodious to totally discordant. Read more »


If you forgot to pick up a gift for Suzy or Tommy, don't worry! There are still some great gifts in the Maker Shed to brighten their Christmas mornings. Grab a printable Maker Shed Gift Certificate, available in any amount of your choosing. Read more »


Although we already have a decent lineup of cool Tools and Components for prototyping and making (like ShapeLock, and others), the T&C category is one we hope to expand dramatically in 2014. Thankfully, we got a bit of a head start with some gorgeous tools from Tekton and new lockpicking... Read more »

There may be plenty of presents for Makers under the twinkling lights (Arduino controlled, of course) of your tree, but don't forget about the stockings hanging from the mantle! Swing by the Maker Shed and ogle the Maker Shed Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide and get some goodies to fill those... Read more »

Are you or your loved ones craving a new hobby? Give gifts that aren't half-baked with the Maker Shed's Raspberry Pi Gift Guide, which is all about the mini-computer that has taken the programming hobbyist world by storm. Read more »

It's no secret that we really like our blinky kits here at the Maker Shed. With the Holidays in full swing, there's no better time to pick up some LED-related products to add a little extra Holiday spirit to your home (or your boring Christmas Tree). Read more »