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Inaki of Arquimana — a design and digital manufacturing team from Bilbao >

Slideshow and report from Spain's Basque country Maker Faire — Bilbao! Read more »


Bilbao's post-industrial neighborhood Zorrozaurre is ground zero for an emerging maker culture and economy. Read more »


Riding a pump track is kind of like riding a roller coaster track. They are really, really fun to ride. And there's a whole scene of makers piling and packing and wetting dirt all for the sake of hours of pedal fun. Read more »


This week 600 people gathered in Barcelona for Fab10, a truly international conference on the state of digital fabrication and open source hardware, as well as a convention for the global FabLab makerspace network. Fab Labs are the brainchild of Neil Gershenfeld of MIT. His vision was to build a network... Read more »

chip-yates_blk (1)

Chip Yates is an extreme electric innovator. He has 18 world records in battery-powered vehicles of his own design. He designed and built the world's fastest electric airplane as well as the world's fasted and most powerful electric motorcycle. And he's presenting today at Maker Faire! Read more »

Oculus Rift demos. Photographer Leo Bakx

A photo tour from last weekend's first Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire in the Netherlands. Read more »