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Mapping your lot is the first step in designing a homestead. Read more »

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I'm trying out a Davis Instruments weather station for an upcoming review in MAKE, and we've installed it on the roof at the O'Reilly campus. It was pretty easy to assemble and we're getting some cool reports from it. Read more »

tnkgrl spent some time exploring the motherboard of her Eee PC. Looking for available USB ports, she was able to hijack the USB trace that goes to the mini PCIe slot used by the Atheros wireless card. Since the Atheros doesn’t use the USB signal, the card will still function... Read more »

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Tom Bridge writes: In the aftermath of Katrina, with our T1 gone in our Jackson, MS office, we had to create a simple dialup router that could share one connection across many devices. This is how we did it. For less than $200. In an hour. Link Read more »

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John writes: I saw this today at Paper Forest. It's a website that has about 40 ways to fold a sheet of paper into an envelope. May not sound all that cool but once you take a look at the amazing designs you will change your mind. We agree --... Read more »

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Jay Brewer writes My daughter is currently obsessed with Fireflies - and if you've ever seen them in person, you'll become obsessed too....The Firefly lights have an "electronic brain" that makes Firefly Magic fireflies flash, flicker, and fade just like Mother Nature's real fireflies and each is sealed in a... Read more »

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This site features free plans for a human-powered hand-built scroll saw, a scroll saw bench, and plans for a wooden coat hanger to get you started on your first scroll saw project. Hat tip to the folks at land-o-links.com - thanks!. Link Read more »