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MAKE's 2013 Hardware Innovation Workshop is only a few days away and I'm really looking forward to the event, especially the “pitches with prototypes” contest. One of the entrants is Nicholas Stedman of Moti. He is trying to make robotics easy for "Designers, Developers & Devious Kids" with his Internet... Read more »


MAKE’s 2013 Hardware Innovation Workshop is only days away, and we still have a few more makers to feature as part of the “pitches with prototypes” contest. Next up is the Lumiglass Infinity sign by ProtoTank. We have featured a few variations of edge-lit displays before, but the ProtoTank team... Read more »


This is our instructions for the Learn to Solder skill badge sponsored by RadioShack at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012. Read more »


Since the Digitally Addressable RGB LED Strips come in one big reel and are then cut off, occasionally you get a piece doesn’t have the leads tinned for soldering. So how do you fix this problem? Follow this guide and I’ll show you! Once you complete this guide you can... Read more »


This is a simple way to make the iNecklace light glow any color of the rainbow. In fact, it’s so simple you can change it any time you want in a few minutes. No soldering required! Read more »


Assemble the Supercap Racer kit and make a new toy that's fast, unpredictable, and fun to build. Read more »


About 2 months ago, after years of begging and pleading from my family, I reluctantly agreed to get another cat from the local shelter. We already have a menagerie of beasts that share our home, but for some reason they felt we needed another. I admit, I do like our... Read more »