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The whole idea of being a maker involves concepts of collaboration, community, and working with other people. It’s very hard to be a maker and be by yourself locked in a room or even in a lab. Read more »

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Right after the overwhelming experience of Maker Faire Rome I left Europe for a week a quick tour in China. There are a lot of cool things happening there. I'd been to China twice before for a very short time so this time I wanted to spend a few days... Read more »


“Make some noise” was a short one-day workshop about Arduino where we explored the topic of sound and it was aimed at complete beginners with no experience. To simplify the structure of the workshop we started with hands-on experiments composed by a quick set of exercises to enable the participants... Read more »


Excerpt from the article: When I was a kid I got into electronics because I started reading specialized magazines on the topic. At the same time it was hard for me to learn electronics from them because the content was not really beginner friendly and the projects were not very... Read more »


At the beginning of July we spent a couple of days going through all the submissions received to participate in Maker Faire Rome — the European Edition, taking place Oct. 3-6 in Italy. It was a great experience for us to discover makers’ projects from all around Europe, and the... Read more »

M35_Arduino Robot Kit

It’s not only a matter of launching a new product. It’s important to share a story of how a passion for tinkering is helping us explore new, unexpected roads. Read more »


out-of-the-box experience that means: how long does it take to you to go from zero to something that works? This is very important because it creates a positive reinforcement that you are on the right path. The longer that time is, the more people you lose in the process. Read more »


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