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Learn how to turn an LED on and off via a switch. You probably wouldn’t stay sane if your lamp continuously blinked so lets learn how to control it! Read more »

Arduino Uno Board

Very simply, you’ll make a light blink on and off with your Arduino board. Read more »


Massimo Banzi tells us about a serious rift in the core Arduino team, which is just coming to light now. One of the founding team members has gone off on his own, claiming rights to Arduino and starting a separate operation. We asked Massimo to explain the situation in his... Read more »


The whole idea of being a maker involves concepts of collaboration, community, and working with other people. It’s very hard to be a maker and be by yourself locked in a room or even in a lab. Read more »

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 1.12.34 PM

Right after the overwhelming experience of Maker Faire Rome I left Europe for a week a quick tour in China. There are a lot of cool things happening there. I'd been to China twice before for a very short time so this time I wanted to spend a few days... Read more »


“Make some noise” was a short one-day workshop about Arduino where we explored the topic of sound and it was aimed at complete beginners with no experience. To simplify the structure of the workshop we started with hands-on experiments composed by a quick set of exercises to enable the participants... Read more »


Excerpt from the article: When I was a kid I got into electronics because I started reading specialized magazines on the topic. At the same time it was hard for me to learn electronics from them because the content was not really beginner friendly and the projects were not very... Read more »