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Matt Griffin

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Tired of tying up your laptop with long print jobs? Then you’re ready for 3D-printer host software. It acts as a web server so that other computers and mobile devices can control your printer over a local network, or even the cloud. Host software lets you monitor your printer’s temperature,... Read more »

Type A 2014 Series 1

With bold design and progressive wireless printing, it could be a 2014 frontrunner. Read more »


Friction-weld, rivet, sand, paint — arm yourself with simple tools and techniques to take your desktop 3D printer to the next level. Read more »


Here's how we torture-tested and rated 15 machines. Read more »

Basic Boolean operations illustrated in Tinkercad. From back to front: union, two possible diferences, and intersection of concentric cube and sphere.

An overview of the CAD, CAM, and client software you need. Read more »


With the fastest, finest prints of any DIY printer, the Ultimaker rewards the patient tinkerer. Read more »


Surprisingly good prints from the cheapest, smallest, most portable 3D printer yet. Read more »


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