Matt Stultz

Matt Stultz

Matt is a community organizer and founder of both 3D Printing Providence and HackPittsburgh. He's a professional software developer which helps fuel his passion for being a Maker!

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If you are interested in scanning larger objects — people, for example — there are few options on the market better than the 3D Systems Sense scanner. While on the hardware side it only boasts the same type of sensor that you can find in your XBox 360 Kinect (albeit in a... Read more »


  We are excited to announce a new, fun competition for makers of all ages at Maker Faire Bay Area! The Moat Boat Paddle Battle will be holding its inaugural event May 16-17. The MBPB is a drag race style event where contestants will race their own 3D printed boats... Read more »


If you are in the New York City area (or if you can get there easily), come out the rest of this week and check out two big 3D printing events: Inside 3D Printing/3D Print Week and The New York 3D PrintShow. This is the third year running for both shows.  Combined, they... Read more »


Okay, let’s start this one with a perform at your own risk disclaimer. Fire is dangerous, plastic fumes are dangerous, so please be careful. This week, some of my fellow hackers from Ocean State Maker Mill and I attended a charity event and demonstrated 3D printing to the attendees. We decided that... Read more »


In last week’s post, we saw a presentation from the E3D team as they talked about their hot ends at the Midwest RepRap Fest. Today, we are excited to announce that the team has released a new, extremely low cost hot end: the E3D Lite6. The Lite6 features the same quality and... Read more »


On my way to the Midwest RepRap Fest, I stopped in at HackPittsburgh to meet up with the BoXZY team and take a look at their new machine in person. BoXZY is doing well on Kickstarter; with its promise of being an all in one 3D printer, milling machine, and laser etcher, it’s enticing backers. The BoXZY features... Read more »

While attending the Midwest RepRap Fest this weekend, Josh Rowley and Sanjay Mortimer of E3D took a moment to explain how hot ends work and to fill the crowd in on some of the projects they are working on. E3D’s line of hot ends have become the gold standard for... Read more »