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The most exciting paddle battle is returning to Maker Faire! Read more »

Brandy card holder

Have an idea for a 3D printed device to help those with limited hand mobility? Join this contest to share your idea with those who need it. Read more »


The PiKon telescope is an open source, 3D printed, Raspberry Pi telescope supported by a growing community of amateur scientists. Read more »

m52_3DPrinter_Review_Manniquin-1 copy

While walking around the tightly packed booths of World Maker Faire last fall, I ran into the OpenCreators team and found something just quirky enough to catch my interest: a cardboard 3D printer. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED The OpenCreators Mannequin comes as a mostly flat-pack kit and hails from South Korea.... Read more »

DSC01398 (Medium)

Instead of a small little demo piece, CNC Router Parts are creating full size working ukuleles all weekend, using their collection of computer controlled machines. Read more »


Maker Faire always attracts the latest innovative technologies, and this year is no different. Check out three new 3D printer models unveiled today. Read more »


Watch this 5-axis 3D printer in action! Right now it only prints simple wireframes, but imagine the possibilities. Read more »