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Matt Stultz

Matt Stultz

Matt is a community organizer and founder of both 3D Printing Providence and HackPittsburgh. He's a professional software developer which helps fuel his passion for being a Maker!

Latest from Matt Stultz


As many of us become more concerned and aware of the foods we are consuming, urban farming has taken off as not only a way to produce healthy foods, but also to help produce foods in a more economical and environmentally-friendly fashion. Now, the AKER project is utilizing the power... Read more »


When Wayne Losey left his job with a big corporate toy company, he had a dream to bring the kind of toys that he loved as a kid to market. Wayne wanted to combine the fun and adventure of action figures with the customizability of Legos. He realized that 3D... Read more »


  The technologies that we often talk about for 3D printing (FDM, SLA, SLS), have been around for a while and it’s rare that we see ground breaking processes that really shake things up. This week, a new company in the market Carbon 3D, has released a new process they refer... Read more »


Last year when Autodesk announced their new Spark platform, they promised to make it open and accessible to users. This week, they made a huge step forward with that promise by releasing the formula for the resin that they use in their Ember SLA printer. While most manufacturers keep their... Read more »

As 3D printers get better, and users get more experience designing with 3D printing in mind, we are seeing more models released that use fewer non-printed parts to accomplish the end goal. Taylor Alexander wanted a demo platform for his new Arduino compatible wireless system, Flutter. He decided to build... Read more »

Michael Weinberg and his team over at Public Knowledge, have been working hard to keep the internet and other emerging technologies like 3D printing from being overly restricted and closed to citizens of the world. Now Michael and his team have created a whitepaper to help all of us know what... Read more »


In 1872, Edweard Muybridge was hired to film a trotting horse at high speed to help settle the argument “During a trot are all 4 feet of a horse ever off the ground at the same time?”. The human eye could not break down the motion of the horse’s feet fast... Read more »