Matt Stultz

Matt Stultz

Matt is a community organizer and founder of both 3D Printing Providence and HackPittsburgh. He's a professional software developer which helps fuel his passion for being a Maker!

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Instead of a small little demo piece, CNC Router Parts are creating full size working ukuleles all weekend, using their collection of computer controlled machines. Read more »


Maker Faire always attracts the latest innovative technologies, and this year is no different. Check out three new 3D printer models unveiled today. Read more »


Watch this 5-axis 3D printer in action! Right now it only prints simple wireframes, but imagine the possibilities. Read more »


Over the past 5 years Ultimaker has been building machines that push the envelope of print quality for desktop 3D printers, garnering them a community ready to sing their praises. The Ultimaker 2 brought a new look to the series that helped attract a wider audience, but it also brought... Read more »


Smartphones are at the center of how we interact with technology today. The Ehang Ghost 2.0 takes advantage of our familiarity by making yours its controller. This isn’t a new concept, but Ehang’s inclusion of the G-Box takes it to a whole new level. Increased Communication Instead of directly connecting... Read more »


The Chroma from Horizon Hobby is a great drone that won’t break the bank. While it may not have the name recognition of units from DJI or 3DR (outside the hobby aircraft world that is), this machine brings a lot to the table. No Flight Delays Out of the box,... Read more »


DJI has been building a reputation as THE name in consumer camera drone aircraft. Balancing both affordability and cutting edge, there is a DJI drone for almost everyone. The Phantom 4 is not just the newest arrival in the DJI line of products, it feels like an important evolution for... Read more »