Matt Stultz

Matt Stultz

Matt is a community organizer and founder of both 3D Printing Providence and HackPittsburgh. He's a professional software developer which helps fuel his passion for being a Maker!

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The Makerbot Smart Extruder Has Been A Known Failure Point For Makerbot's Newest Machines.

MakerBot grew from a fun project by three friends in a hackerspace in Brooklyn, to being THE name in desktop 3D printing. Over the last few years, though, that name has been drug through the mud; from the community backlash when they decided to go closed source after building their reputation... Read more »


Over the past few weeks, we have seen major updates to many of the most vital packages that we use to operate our 3D printers. Read more »


Formlabs has been steadily releasing new materials that each provide a new property to their users. Now, Formlabs has added a new resin to join Clear, Flexible, and Castable: Tough. Read more »


Traditional methods for building cars are full of wasted materials and wasted energy. 3D printing offers a greater level of customization along with the ability to easily make complicated parts. The team from Divergent Microfactories set forth to use the power of 3D printing to help make a car — and... Read more »


There are very few things that will fire-up the creative minds of the world like a good movie. This summer’s hit, Mad Max: Fury Road, is proving to be full of inspiration to at least a few Makers out there. Here are seven designs inspired by the movie that you... Read more »

5 axis cnc

Every time I come back from a Maker Faire someone asks me what my favorite thing was that I saw there. At World Maker Faire 2013, that was an easy question to answer, the Pocket NC 5 Axis CNC. The possibilities of what could be made with a desktop 5... Read more »

ABB Arms Print A Scale Bridge Model

As more people become familiar with 3D printing and the ways additive manufacturing can change how things are made, new ideas and applications continue to emerge. While printing toys and cell phone cases can be fun, these are not world-changing applications. A team in Amsterdam, Netherlands MX3D, is preparing to... Read more »