Mauricio Gómez

Mauricio Gómez

Un chico apasionado por la electrónica, los proyectos, la música, el cine, las cosas hechas a mano, la buena convivencia con los amigos, la buena comida, la buena risa, las herramientas, otros países, las tradiciones, los blogs.

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Congratulations, Spanish-speaking makers! We’re celebrating our first year of Make: en Español. And we hope to celebrate many more years to come. We want to keep sharing great ideas and projects that we know you’ll love. In the coming year, we want to offer an improved space that hopefully will... Read more »

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Obras robóticas del artista colombiano Mario Caicedo Monstros de Mangle Verde NES para mesa de trabajo de Miltron B Sistema de monitoreo de posición y eficiencia energética automotriz GSM + GPS + OBD2 + Google Maps Versiones robóticas de los jugadores del Barcelona: Puyol y Messi More from Make: en... Read more »

We are blank book and notebook fans at home. We have a bunch of them completely filled up with poems, journals, drawings, sketches, notes; and some others are half-full or still empty. This paper love is shared (and beaten) by Leonardo Cruz Parcero (Mexico). Leo likes books since he was... Read more »

Fabricación de modelos navales con partes reutilizadas Se buscan Makers Jordi Muñoz, orgulloso Maker mexicano Arte Rupestre – (English) Tagtool en Cholula – (English) Mini generador eléctrico con motor de CD More: Make: en Español Read more »

This at the “Saint Andrew’s strip” in Cholula. Felixe (Mexico) took his freshly baked TagTool to get some air in a reknowned bar where it livened up the party and inspired a healthy interactive night. All the equipment is on the table: DIY TagTool with Arduino inside, laptop to connect... Read more »

  “By the end of the 20th century and the millennium (1997), a new ecological and interactive art expression came into being which, combining elements and materials whose colors are 100% natural, exalts nature… Rock Art.” This is how Mario Balderas (Mexico) presents the beautiful and original art work he... Read more »

Replicas of actual old boats and sailboats – Last photo: replica of engine boat Rum punch. Shermac is a Belizean friend who comes to Cholula two or three times a year for a couple of months. He’s made these boats since he was a boy, in his hometown Mullin’s River,... Read more »