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If you love the look of movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and The City of Lost Children, there’s a sculptor out there after your own heart. Read more »

John Zaklikowski re-creates particle accelerator detectors out of computer motherboards, hard drives, video and sound cards, cellphone bits, vacuum tubes. Read more »


Michihiko Goto carved these mini speakers from the classic breakfast staple: eggs. Read more »


Jared Pankin uses plywood, fake fur, sawdust, foam, model-scale trees, and other familiar goods in his whimsically wild sculptures. Read more »


Eric Lawrence made the first Styrolight a few years ago from the molded styrofoam his new Apple computer came in. Read more »


Andy Mangold looked to his boyhood playtime when a class assignment called on students to design, manufacture, and package a toy from scratch. Read more »


Artist Dean Christ's cyborg bug battalion consists of 30 creatures wielding an arsenal of technologies like stealth, smart bombs, rockets, and Stinger missiles. Read more »