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San Francisco artist Kal Spelletich's life-sized robot, Kalopticon, toys with the notion of surveillance. Read more »

Conceptual artist D.V. Rogers creates a physical representation of a dynamic landscape. Read more »

Dave Drimmer live-aboard home for 20 years started out as infamous aviator Howard Hughes’ personal Boeing 307 Stratoliner in 1939. Read more »

The Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle stores, transports, and purifies water as it goes. Read more »


Jonathan Jamieson turned common bamboo barbecue skewers into delicate sculptures that gracefully deliver a rolling metal ball bearing down a series of chutes and turns. Read more »


Duluth performance artist Tim Kaiser coaxes foreign sounds from far-fetched equipment made by hand. Read more »


Ever seen a critter that moves like a spider, behaves like an ant, sees like a bat, and twitters like a bird? No one had, until Ohio State University assistant professor Ken Rinaldo built an army of ten robotic chimeras, each one capable of doing all those things. Read more »