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Michelle Hlubinka

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I demonstrate how I make a wreath using Xmas tree clippings and eucalyptus, and adding a string of storebought battery-powered LED lights. You can add other clippings and decor of your own, and you can probably make your own wreath ring as a base, but this is how I learned... Read more »

My husband bought some stakes at the hardware store when we first installed our drip-irrigation system for our garden. I looked at the package and saw what looked like pieces of the wire hangers you get at the dry cleaner’s. Why not make them ourselves and save a few bucks?... Read more »

We started renting our house a couple of months before our son was born. My friend Humberto had painted a beautiful Sendak-esque tree on the walls of his son Horatio’s room. I wanted to have something similar but didn’t want to repaint when the landlady retires and comes back to... Read more »

Turn fall leaves into a springtime rose. This is a super fast craft and appropriate for toddler helpers. We discovered the technique by accident on our leaf walk this morning, and it was so delightful we wanted to share it. The rose is made of leaves, not paper, but the... Read more »


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