Mieke Roth

Mieke Roth

Who is that crazy woman that likes cutting into beasts, you may wonder? I live in the Netherlands with my five-year old son. I was one of those kids who ran around with a butterfly net and a jar. I started drawing the moment I could hold a pencil. My favorite subjects were animals. In my teens I was the apprentice of a gifted artist. He taught me the technical skills I needed to become an artist too. Since being an artist seemed a sure way to starve, or so my parents thought, I went to Wageningen university and graduated as an animal scientist. The following years I went astray. I worked in IT, for a bank: ABN AMRO. It took me eight years to return to my original calling: being an illustrator of animals. And because I was by then an animal scientist and IT specialist, I could do all sorts of sciency things and talk to scientists and managers alike. So I became a scientific illustrator.

And I didn't starve.


Over the past nine years I have mostly illustrated technical stuff. Things. Machines. Innovations. With the animal anatomy I am going back to my animal science roots.

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Final render of the octopus. water droplets and all

If you look up “octopus anatomy” in Google Images, you will mainly find detailed illustrations of the internal organs. Unfortunately, they don’t do the anatomy of an octopus justice. I saw the octopus I'd dissected as a piece of art: a clean, tightly-packed bundle of clearly distinguishable parts with a... Read more »