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“I went online to buy a nixie clock and didn’t see any I really liked,” says Woodland Hills, California tinkerer Sean Fannin about timepieces made from coldwar-era numeral-displaying nixie tubes. “A lot were DIY kits that ended up looking cheap. I wanted to build something a little more slick.” After buying and... Read more »


Mexico is crisscrossed by a vast network of abandoned railroads, no longer connecting many communities that had once relied on their freight and passenger service. In 2006, Ivan Puig and Andrés Padilla Domene, brothers and artists in Mexico City, cooked up the idea to explore the lost routes and places.... Read more »


Too big for your old Big Wheel? Get back in the race by building an adult-sized trike from plywood. Read more »


When you think “pocket calculator,” your next thought probably isn’t “custom cabinetry.” But this single-operation relay calculating engine deserved nothing less. Read more »


Styling, reliability, and flexibility are the PortaGrip's hallmarks. Read more »


$35 Frankly, dentistry gives me the creeps. So my fascination with dental tools may be of the morbid variety. Nonetheless, when I saw this set of consumer-priced dental picks and tools from Duluth Trading, they began to whisper to me. I had to have them. The tweezers are perfect... Read more »