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Styling, reliability, and flexibility are the PortaGrip's hallmarks. Read more »


$35 Frankly, dentistry gives me the creeps. So my fascination with dental tools may be of the morbid variety. Nonetheless, when I saw this set of consumer-priced dental picks and tools from Duluth Trading, they began to whisper to me. I had to have them. The tweezers are perfect... Read more »


“A real violin is worth more than a house” in the slums of Cateura, Paraguay, according to local music teacher Favio Chávez. Read more »


Excerpt from the article: Paso Robles, Calif. artist Michael Weiss makes his Winebots out of recycled California wine barrel rings, hand-bent and welded into humanoid shapes and poses. » BUY OR SUBSCRIBE » GET THE DIGITAL EDITION Read more »

Spark the Demon, created and worn by Phil Burgess, also a senior designer with our friends at Adafruit.

Here's a quick peek at some of the things we saw this morning Maker Faire. Read more »


MAKE's 2nd annual Hardware Innovation Workshop concluded yesterday after two inspiring, thought-provoking days. Thanks to all our great sponsors, presenters, and attendees for making it a success. Here's a look back. Read more »