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Matthew F. Reyes

Matthew F. Reyes

Founder of Exploration Solutions, Inc, distributor of the future in research, education & technology projects. Matthew supports NASA Ames Research Center and others in Silicon Valley as an independent contractor. Matthew is an occasional contributor to Make Magazine and a guest editor for #DIYSpaceWeek

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Charles Bolden, NASA administrator joined by Patrick Scheuermann, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center director, Frank Ledbetter, chief of nonmetallic materials and manufacturing division at NASA¹s Marshall Space Flight Center,and Andy Hardin, NASA's Space Launch System subsystem manager for liquid engines. NASA is  using a high-tech 3D printing process called selective laser melting to create intricate metal parts for America's next heavy-lift rocket.  Bolden toured MSFC's National Center for Advanced Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping Facility on Friday, Feb. 22 where he saw this technology at work first hand. Photo Credit: NASA.

To showcase NASA's new initiatives in Advanced Manufacturing, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden toured the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping Facility at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Read more »

NASA faces uncertainty not only about its mission, but about how to pay for it — the agency gets less than 0.6% of the federal budget. Read more »