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John Baichtal

John Baichtal

My interests include writing, electronics, RPGs, scifi, hackers & hackerspaces, 3D printing, building sets & toys. @johnbaichtal

Latest from John Baichtal

Akiba of Freaklabs and Tokyo Hackerspace wrote in with a three-part tutorial on using an Arduino to control complex lighting displays. Now that we’re moving into the holiday season, we’re about to start seeing the hard core Christmas people setting up the elaborate light displays. The equipment to switch all... Read more »

Grant Hutchinson of Calgary, AB, is renovating the exterior of his house and wanted to keep the lawn clear of nails and screws, so he created this mobile magnet out of lawnmower wheels and hard drive magnets. So sweet! I bet it’d help around the workshop, too. Read more »

Rex from Houston’s TX/RX Labs wrote in with a fun project: Leftist art doesn’t sit well in a corporate law firm. So when one of our members decided to spruce up his office with something handmade, subversive and beautiful, he faced a dilemma: Sell out or get fired. Luckily, compromise... Read more »

Got two iPad 2s? Mark Rober had a great costume idea: a gaping hole in his torso with the two iPads communicating by FaceTime. Inspired to make something for Halloween? Be sure to enter it in our MAKE Halloween contest to win cool prizes. Costumes, decor, food, whatever you create... Read more »

Just a friendly reminder. Put all those little final touches on your costume and head out to our halloween party tonight! Matt has rigged up a personal interactive LED display for people to mess with. Send tweets to @MattsCostume tonight (7pm and later) to display your tweet on his sign.... Read more »

Reddit user Queuetue built this impressive-looking shop crane: In my shop, we need to fill empty and stack a lot of barrels. Our old process, using a chain hoist, was fraught with peril – so we decided to build … something. It’s a standard box store manual shop crane, modified... Read more »

Collin Purrington offers some great tips on the necessity of maintaining a laboratory notebook. While directed mainly at scientists, I could see it applying to anyone interested in Open Source Hardware development or simply working on difficult, long-term projects. [Via @cenmag] In the Maker Shed: Pick up The Maker’s Notebook... Read more »


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