John Baichtal

John Baichtal

My interests include writing, electronics, RPGs, scifi, hackers & hackerspaces, 3D printing, building sets & toys. @johnbaichtal

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Han Lee's Wooden Pixel Display 64 is a sweet 8x8 matrix created with wooden blocks manipulated by servos.. Read more »


The number one destination for barbot enthusiasts is Roboexotica, a festival held every year in Vienna. Read more »


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Lego builder Nick V built this sweet video card -- "the PowerBuild IRON HD" with a 64-bit ABS drive! This is part of the Iron Builder competition where Lego builders compete against each other to build the most amazing models. Read more »


A L293D is a great motor driver IC used in a wide array of control boards ranging from the Bricktronics Megashield to the Adafruit motor shield. Read more »