Nathan Hurst

Nathan Hurst

Nathan Hurst is an editor at MAKE. He loves anything having to do with science or bicycling. He tweets as @nathanbhurst.

Latest from Nathan Hurst

The Strati 3D printed car

It’s drivable, with a fully 3D-printed body, and it’s available soon. Read more »

Photo: Aleš Rosa

Theremidi Orchestra, an “electro noise ensemble” founded in 2011, plays Theremins and similar electromagnetic instruments. Read more »


Disney's new animated crime fighters are armed with ingenuity and high-tech tools Read more »

6. foodini

At Maker Faire Rome, attendees will be confronted with 3D printed food — and may even get a taste. Read more »


Sphero, the little, round, programmable robot, rolled its way into many hearts since it was released in 2011, confounding pets and expressing a unique form of movement. It was a reimagining of both robots and remote control. For its second act, the company is reimagining wheels — at least, wheels... Read more »

Photo by Eric Schneeweis

If you want to channel your inner Catherine Zeta-Jones and give it a shot yourself, take a crack at the Laser Maze. Read more »

Toyota's Kevin Hunter introduces the Urban Utility concept vehicle

If cars define our culture, this event could be an indication of where our culture is headed. Read more »


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