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Nick Normal

Nick Normal

I'm an artist & maker. A lifelong biblioholic, and advocate for all-things geekathon. Home is Long Island City, Queens, which I consider the greatest place on Earth. 5-year former Resident of Flux Factory, co-organizer for World Maker Faire (NYC), and blogger all over the net. Howdy!

Latest from Nick Normal


Read about this gathering of self-professed 'geeks' exchanging wares: G33k Xmas recently celebrated it's 10-year anniversary. Read more »


University of Maribor students in Slovenia have constructed a 3D printer from a modified CNC machine to dispense a mixture of water, seed, and soil for printing mud that will eventually grow green. Read more »


Take a tour of the Decware studio in Peoria, Illinois where tube amplifiers are hand-crafted by a crew of four. Read more »


I love miniatures. And I love bicycles. So you can imagine how enamored I was when I stumbled upon these photos of a bike workshop made in miniature. Read more »


"This video of the sun based on data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, shows the wide range of wavelengths — invisible to the naked eye — that the telescope can view." Read more »


Dr. Alicia Soderberg collaborated with blind astrophysicist Wanda Diaz-Merced to produce audio "autopsies" that translate data collected from dying stars into orchestra-like sound files. Read more »


To make LED light art in space you'll need a handful of LEDs, power source, camera and, well, a rocket. Read more »


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