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Nick Normal

Nick Normal

I'm an artist & maker. A lifelong biblioholic, and advocate for all-things geekathon. Home is Long Island City, Queens, which I consider the greatest place on Earth. 5-year former Resident of Flux Factory, co-organizer for World Maker Faire (NYC), and blogger all over the net. Howdy!

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The Mini Blind Minder combines a homemade "shield" with the Arduino Uno to automatically open and close your window shades to a desired interior temperature. Watch the video to see this project in action along with some suggested changes or modifications for this beginner-friendly Weekend Project. Read more »

Len Solomon, Shop Overview with Little Pipe Organ 0829

Nadja Sayej recently interviewed music machine maker Len Solomon, most notably known for his Oomphalapompatronium. Click through to see a video of one of his machines in action and then read about his story over at Noisey. Read more »


Designed by Toulouse-based design group Ultra Ordinaire, Play Communs "is a toy for children and adults that aims to bring young and old closer to electronics." Read more »


If you're still in the act of using punch card-operated knitting machines, you may be interested in Italy-based Serpica Naro's OKnitMe project, which can create virtual 24-hole punch cards (to be laser cut) over the web using a simple drag-n-drop interface. After you reduce your art to a 2-color image... Read more »


The "Drawdio" Musical Pencil is a classic project that continues to inspire people to make. It's fun and easy, and can be assembled in just a few hours once you've gathered all the parts needed. See various builds by four makers, including one person's first electronics build ever. Read more »


Infrared Pulse Sensor is the latest addition to our beginner-friendly series of Weekend Projects. Inspired by a photoresistor pulse sensor, MAKE's Technical Editor Sean Michael Ragan built this IR-based pulse sensor using emitter and detector diodes, combined with an LM384 op-amp IC and an Arduino. Read more »


Maker Faire is about more than stuff people make. It's about the friends we meet and the helpful spirit of makers everywhere. Read more »